The time we spend on sports, school, entertainment or reading God’s Word will dictate what we are compelled to do in our day to day life activities. Today we share from our own lives about this topic.

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Check out one of favorite Christian Rock groups Reckless Mercy and listen to some of their music.

Also, keep Peter Guirguis (from Not Ashamed of the Gospel) and church in your prayers as their senior pastor went to be with the Lord this week.





We recently had one of our listeners (for protection we are withholding his identity) from Hong Kong email us about the protest that is underway in their country. It is awesome to hear from someone that is there and to get better inside information about the situation. He wanted us to share about the link between “Civil Disobedience Against Injustice and the Teachings of Jesus.” We pray for everyone there that is wanting true justice.

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Is there something inside you that lets you know when things are wrong? On this episode, we discuss “Conviction” and how it should apply to our lives.

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Is Your Attitude Good Or Bad?

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God wants us to have a good attitude daily. If we look closely at our lives, the times when we are struggling are the times when we had a bad attitude. Today we look at scriptures and our own personal lives on how to better this area.

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